Tracey Wright

What Tracey lacks in ability, she makes up for with enthusiasm! She describes herself as an overweight, unfit, asthmatic and depending on which day you speak to her the truthfulness of these statements fluctuates – apart from the Asthma!

Having recently completed her 50th parkrun, it seems a long journey since her early days of 50 minute 5kms! Having now completed countless 5kms, a handful of 10kms, the Great North Run and the Virgin London Marathon she is reluctantly starting to admit that she is, in fact, a runner. Her dream of this being a quick-fix to weight-loss, however, has not been realised – mainly due to the jelly-babies and post-run pints!

Tracey loves seeing how others progress on their running journey – she has been called an inspiration several times but tends to blush and brush it off – and will happy cheer on runners of every ability. The fact that several people have started or returned to running and accredit this to her means as much to her as the medals and tshirts, if not more!

Despite claiming to hate running, hills, the cold, mud, being wet, early mornings, Tracey is usually one of the first to put her hand up for any challenge and has given up saying “I’ll never do….” as she always ends up getting persuaded!