Middlesbrough 5km

A new route proved slightly more challenging but still no hindrance for the Harriers who ignored the forecast for heavy rain and were rewarded with ideal weather conditions for a pleasant race.

The alteration in the route from previous years was a bridge at 4km which had to be crossed before looping round the roundabout and going back over. A cruel and unusual twist, but every Harrier dug in to get over, round and back again!

The rewards were the usual t-shirt and medal plus the random addition of a large box of cereal!

Name Gun Time Chip Time Chip Pos
Roger Davies 0:19:30 0:19:26 128
Oliver MacK 0:20:32 0:20:23 177
Laura MacK 0:22:39 0:22:26 297
Ged Hall 0:25:12 0:24:20 421
Doug Harris 0:25:51 0:25:34 502
Martin Weatherill 0:27:37 0:27:05 595
Tracey Wright 0:30:19 0:29:43 781
Lisa Johnson 0:33:28 0:32:47 951
Rachel Stonehouse 0:45:57 0:45:21 1222